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Here’s why Darth Maul isn’t in Solo: A Star Wars Story by Josh Hill 1 year ago Follow @jdavhill Tweet Share x Pin Comment The latest Solo: A Star Wars Story rumor involved one classic villain

Much like 1999’s The Phantom Menace, Solo has been greeted harshly by many critics and fans. However, that’s not the only thing the two films have in common. There’s also the appearance by Episode I villain Darth Maul, revealed in Solo to be the puppet

It appears that the Collective may alive and well during Solo, as Darth Maul is clearly involved in at least one major organization, though we know little else beyond that based on the brief

Fans say Darth Maul’s face looked different in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Why? Let’s discuss it with Ray Park’s comments to the haters as well. I hope Maul returns again!!!

As Darth Maul’s most famous victim once said, there’s always a bigger fish. In an Uproxx interview, co-screenwriter Jonathan Kasdan revealed that he always wanted Maul to be a part of “Solo.”

RELATED: Solo 2 Is a Tough Sell for Disney+ as Their Star Wars Slate Is Already Packed According to Ray Park, Ewan McGregor started violently shaking him and screaming in his ear when Maul first

Maul returns (and gets legs!) about 12 years after The Phantom Menace and about 10 years before Solo. Maul first builds the Shadow Collective about nine years before Solo.Darth Sidious destroys

A familiar face shows up at the end of 「Solo: A Star Wars Story」 and you’ll be glad to see him. What happened to Darth Maul at the end of The Phantom Menace? For many fans, Star Wars: Episode I

Darth Maul himself. Yes, if you’ve only kept up with the movies, Maul was last seen getting lopped in half by a young Obi-Wan Kenobi during the climax of The Phantom Menace, seemingly plummeting

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If Solo: A Star Wars Story had done well, we might be looking forward to a trilogy about Han tangling with the Crimson Dawn, but as it didn’t, I suspect Darth Maul will be consigned back to TV

Disney/Lucasfilm Speaking more specifically about Qi’ra’s uniquely nightmarish circumstances, Howard zeroed in on that chilling conversation her character had with Darth Maul following Dryden’s

Maul and Qi’ra: A Star Wars Story? We know from the bittersweet ending of Solo that Qi’ra has a secret allegiance with Sidious’s former apprentice. Question is, why? The Zabrak served as a

25/5/2018 · Maul’s reappearance is guaranteed to inspire both cheers and confusion among opening-weekend Solo audiences.Which camp you fall into depends entirely on

22/6/2018 · And why isn’t he referred to as Darth Maul in the film’s credits? There’s actually quite a bit of canonical history here thanks to official non-movie sources. Kenobi did defeat Maul that day, and he did fall down the core of Padme Amidala’s

When it came time for Darth Maul to return to the big screen for Solo: A Star Wars Story’s shocking cameo, the character again became a synthesis of two performances, this time Ray Park and Sam

I dont understand the people that claim that Maul is too aged up. There have been 22 years since TPM in which he had been rotting in a hole for 10 years, captured, tortured and used by Sidious and he aged considerably. He is in his early 50s during Solo. Give the

Maul’s appearance wouldn’t have been such a shock to diehard fans, as his survival is already part of the canon. As shown in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series, Darth Sidious’s former

Darth Maul’s shock appearance at the end of the Solo movie as Dryden Voss and Qi’ra’s terrifying hidden Crimson Dawn master will confuse many film fans, but not dedicated Star Wars followers. In

Solo: A Star Wars Story ends in a way no one could have possibly predicted.(Spoiler alert!) We get a surprise cameo, but it’s not Jabba the Hutt or Boba Fett; it’s Darth Maul. If you only

Does former Sith Lord Darth Maul make an appearance in Solo: A Star Wars Story? Read on if you want to know the answer While many fans dislike the Star Wars prequels for varying reasons, there

Maul follows the Dark Side, but he’s young and healthy, and he has burning yellow eyes, and he’s covered in black religious tattoos. And despite this triumph of character-creation, they gave Maul nothing to say, they killed him immediately, and then they never mentioned him again.

– Darth Maul’s cameo in Solo: A Star Wars Story is going to be something that a lot of fans will be buzzing about for months to come – especially since a lot of them won’t understand how the Sith

I actually love that Darth Maul is such an enigma in The Phantom Menace. For me it makes him the coolest villain in the 6 films – not just because he looks like a complete badass and has a double-bladed lightsaber but because he doesn’t say much at all. It’s

So it’s hardly a surprise that a nefarious player would be lurking in the shadows of the underworld depicted in “Solo.” That player turns out to be Darth Maul, a bold move by writers

Early life Park was born in Glasgow, Scotland.At the age of seven, he moved with his family to London, England.[5] Park was introduced to martial arts by his father, who was a fan of Bruce Lee, and began training in the traditional Chinese Northern Shaolin Kung

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The Darth Maul cameo was arguably the biggest twist in Solo: A Star Wars Story, especially for folks who haven’t kept up with the tattooed Zabrak post-Phantom Menace.But as far as Qi’ra goes, it

Darth Maul has led a thrilling life that expands throughout the Star Wars universe beginning well before The Phantom Menace, with his legacy. The two brothers set off in search of Obi-Wan Kenobi

The Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Maul wielded a red double-bladed lightsaber. After it was cut in half in 32 BBY, it became a single-bladed lightsaber. When it was double-bladed, Maul used the saberstaff on countless missions for his master, Darth Sidious. With it he

far away, becoming the voice of several major characters including Emperor Palpatine, the Son, and of course, Darth Maul. to the big screen. His journey to voicing Maul in Solo was an

Biography Early Life Maul was born to Mother Talzin and raised as a Nightbrother on Dathomir, before being taken away by Sith Lord Darth Sidious as an apprentice.During his training, Sidious took Maul to Malachor to bear witness to a great battle that

Darth was a title given to the Sith Lords of the Sith Order, which preceded a moniker different from the birth name. It roughly translated to 「Dark Lord.」 The Sith names of Sheev Palpatine, Count Dooku, and Anakin Skywalker were Darth Sidious, Darth

STAR WARS villain Darth Maul will return in a new Anthology movie but it’s not the Han Solo sequel, its something even more exciting according to latest reports. The Obi-Wan Kenobi spin-off film

Darth Maul, didn’t die in episode 1 after being cut in half. He appears in both animated series, Star Wars Clone Wars (which takes place between ep 2 and 3), and SW Rebels (which takes place between ep 3 and 4). In Solo he is revealed as the leader of

An iconic character suddenly appearing to remind us why he is so iconic is the perfect seasoning to a film that was pretty good on its own, and Darth Vader would be the perfect addition to Solo: A

Solo held a huge tease for Darth Maul, and it’s up to The Clone Wars』 final season to shed some light on the former Sith’s future. To casual Star Wars fans, Maul’s survival after The Phantom Menace may have been enough of a shock, but even some dedicated fans were shocked to learn of a connection between Maul

Darth Maul is a favorite among many when it comes to Sith characters, and the merciless brutality he displays like that in Maul: Lockdown is probably why. Author Joe Schrieber has effortlessly integrated the genre of horror into the Star Wars universe, and using

25/5/2018 · That makes her a perfect match for the shadowy figure — the villain formerly known as Darth Maul, listed in the Solo credits simply as Maul. He’s lost his honorary Darth, his Sith title, and

Q: Why is Darth Maul shirtless in Clone Wars and Rebels?A: I have to ask why not a shirtless Maul? Star Wars finally gave us a non-female This fandom site is not affiliated with Disney, any Disney affiliates, LucasFilms, any Lucas affiliates, or anything or anyone

After Darth Maul was brought back by Mother Talzin, his legs were a large pair of metal contraptions that work similar to that of, say, a raptor. Sometime after, he seemed to have developed a new pair of metallic legs, before finally regaining organic ones by the time

Eventually, Maul’s brother, Savage Opress, found him, got him some fancy new, bipedal legs, and restored Darth Maul to his old self again. The two then cut a terrible swath across the galaxy, a story that plays out in The Clone Wars and Rebels, which share the same, pre-A New Hope timeline as Solo, Rogue One, et al., et al.

In 1999, Darth Maul took the world of fandom by storm with his brief appearance in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.Though it’s not well-loved by fans today, if there’s one good thing that came out

Now that Solo: A Star Wars Story is on VOD, you can relive the action and also Darth Maul’s return after seemingly dying in The Phantom Menace. But how is he alive?

That’s why I didn’t like the Maul cameo. It’s cool what they did with his character in TCW and Rebels, but that should only be for people who want to see it. Solo crossed the fine line between film and TV show that should never have been crossed. Plus, what was

7/9/2018 · See the live-action Maul you didn’t get to see in full in the final film. With a $392 million worldwide gross, Solo: A Star Wars Story might have been a hit, had it not cost $275 million to make

When Solo: A Star Wars Story premiered in theaters, fans were shocked at the return of a beloved villain who hadn’t been seen in movies in nearly two decades.Now, Lucasfilm has released the scene

Darth Maul returned to the Star Wars universe in a big way this year. It seems like there’s just no calling it quits for the vengeful Sith Lord. Although he has grown older and gained new abilities throughout his life, Darth Maul still builds on the teachings he received

Ray Park, who reprises the role of Darth Maul in Solo: A Star Wars Story, has responded to comments about his weight in the film. The major shock present in Solo: A Star Wars

While Maul’s appearance didn’t have much of an effect on Solo’s story, it suggests huge implications for the way the Star Wars saga will unfold down the line. Let’s break down what Darth Maul’s appearance in Solo means for the future of Star Wars.