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Species: Alternanthera reineckii Distribution Table Top of page The distribution in this summary table is based on all the information available. When several references are cited, they may give conflicting information on the status. Further details may be available

Alternanthera Reineckii Lilacina South American red stem plant well known in the hobby. Requires considerable light and CO2 to maintain colour. Shortage of nutrients will result in pale leaves. It is also traded with the labels Alternanthera reineckii 『Purple』

Vibrant pink leaves with light nerves characterise this vigorous culture form. The plant has a compact form of growth and the stalk does not grow as strong as other Alternanthera. Suitable for planting in the mid-section of the aquarium – and even in the front when

Description A new Alternanthera variant, also labeled as Alternanthera reineckii 『Cardinalis Variegata』. This colourful, well-growing plant is characterised by its vivid pink leaves with lighter-coloured leaf veins. Under water, it has a relatively compact growth

Plante proposée dans un pot de laine de roche. Plante remarquable de par sa couleur rouge et par le contraste qu’elle produit dans l’aquarium planté.Elle a une croissance rapide la cultiver est facile. Il vaut mieux espacer les boutures d’une dizaine de

Alternanthera reineckii is een stengelplant met kruislings staande lancetvormige bladeren die een lichte golving in hun bladrand vertonen. We gebruiken cookies om er zeker van te zijn dat je onze website zo goed mogelijk beleeft. We delen informatie

Alternanthera reineckii Pink Alternanthera reineckii Rosanervig Alternanthera reineckii sp. Mini Anubias barteri Anubias barteri angustifolia Anubias barteri caladiifolia Anubias barteri Coffeefolia Anubias barteri nana Anubias gracilis Anubias Petite

Curiosità: Alternanthera reineckii 『foglie rosse” è stata importata con il nome A. sessilis per la prima volta nel 1975 e oggi è assai diffusa in acquariofilia. La varietà “foglie verdi” è stata commercializzata prima in Cecoslovacchia e menzionata in letteratura a partire

Alternanthera reineckii 『mini』 [sadzonka] 6,99 zł Klienci którzy zakupili ten produkt kupili również: Ceratopteris thalictroides [sadzonka] 1,99 z ł Ludwigia inclinata [sadzonka] 2,99 zł Flame moss – porcja w pudełku 19,99 zł Staurogyne 『porto vehlo』 [sadzonka]

Alternanthera reineckii sp. 『Mini』 Miniaturowa odmiana znanej Alternanthery charakteryzuje się mniejszymi rozmiarami i wolniejszym tempem wzrostu. Szczególnie polecamy ją do mniejszych akwariów jako tło dla zielonych roślin użytych w aranżacji.

Telanthera Plant (Alternanthera reineckii var 『roseafolia』) adds a flash of flowing color to freshwater aquarium mid- or backgrounds, exhibiting rich reds, pinks and greens. Its wavy flat leaves move in the current and entrance the eye. A native to South American

Alternanthera reineckii ‘Mini’ is a smaller and slower growing version of the well known Alternanthera reineckii. While it only needs a medium amount of light, it also is recommended that you have a CO2 injection setup as well.

Alternanthera Reineckii Mini AR Mini is the perfect aquascaping plant for a wide range of tank styles and growing conditions. Even in less than perfect conditions it can add red to your scape. Co2 and fertilization as well as strong lighting all help this plant but will

Alternanthera reineckii var. 『roseafolia』 is a decorative 「red」 plant. Commonly know as Telanthera Alternanthera reineckii has a bronze color on top of the leaf and the deep purple colored underneath the leaf. To plant, just let the weight lay on your substrate,

Alternanthera Reineckii 『Mini』 aka ARM has vibrant pink, red leaves. The plant has a compact form of growth and they often seen in Dutch style planted aquarium design. The high light intensity and the addition of CO2 improve the plant’s growth and overall

Alternanthera reineckii rosaefolia is one of the most beautiful plants among the aquarium enthusiasts. It is also known as Magenta water hedge, Alternanthera Osiris, Alternanthère narrow-leaved or sessile leaves, herb alligators Reineck etc. It

Alternanthera reineckii, das Kleine Papageienblatt, besiedelt die Ufer südamerikanischer Flüsse und lebt zeitweise während der Regenzeit in den Überschwemmungsgebieten auch submers. Es gibt eine ganze Reihe von Farbvarianten, von denen meist nicht ob

Aquarium plant from tissue culture in closed cup. This miniature version of the well-known Alternanthera is characterized by compact growth and a slower growth rate. It is particularly suitable for small aquariums or as a foreground plant in larger aquascapes. By

Michele Nardinocchi: La passione per l’acquariofilia mi è nata nel lontano 1982 in 36 anni ho sperimentato di tutto e ho unito un’altra mia passione, quella del riciclo e fai da te all’ risultato? un acquario totalmente hi tech, nel corso degli anni ho

Las plantas Alternanthera reineckii Cardinalis, es un efectivo contraste para todo el verde de las demás plantas de al acuario, si se le suministra suficiente Co2 y luz, la planta se volverá de un color rojo muy bonito, ademas que puede crecer muy rápido

Dwarf form of Alternanthera reineckii that grows low. Suitable for dutch and nano tanks. We ship all parcels with FedEx Priority, DTDC or Professional Courier.Kindly choose your preferred choice of courier during checkout as per service availability for your locality.

With its wonderful purple color, this type of Alternanthera grows up to 50cm in height. Placing it near other green plants will created an effective contrast within the aquascape. Give it more light and an iron-based fertilizer and you’ll see the leaves turn into a

Das Lilablättrige Papageienblatt, Alternanthera reineckii 「Lilacina」, ist ein Klassiker unter den roten Aquarienpflanzen. Es kam in den 1960er Jahren unter dem Handelsnamen 「Telanthera lilacina」 auf den Markt, später stellte sich heraus, dass es zur Art Alternanthera reineckii

Alternanthera Reineckii sp Rosanervig Référence : FQ423 Plante remarquable de par sa couleur rouge et par le contraste qu’elle produit dans l’aquarium planté.Elle a une croissance rapide la cultiver est facile. Plus de détails

Alternanthera reineckii make an excellent plant for blending in with green foliage. Their red leaves offer a contrast against the green and they are also useful for filling out any gaps in the foliage. This plant species will require nutrients in the form of root tabs or

Alternanthera reineckii 『Mini』 is an exquisite relatively new dwarf variant of the well-known Alternanthera reineckii. It is also known under the name A. reineckii 「rosaefolia minor」. This plant has a compact significantly slower growth habit, which makes it

Alternanthera Reineckii ‘Mini’ Overview: Alternanthera reineckii ‘Mini’ is a cultivar plant which means that it has been grown using careful propagation. This plant is totally harmless for fishes and many aquatic creatures since it is a cultivar plant. Careful

Alternanthera reineckii Bronze (roseafolia) – Genaue Beschreibung der Pflanze mit Informationen zur Herkunft, Wuchshöhe, zum Aussehen sowie zur Pflege und Vermehrung im Aquarium. Außerdem Empfehlungen für Wasserwerte und Temperatur. Die violetten

Gwarantujemy Państwu dostawę wysokiej jakości roślin lub zwrócimy Wam pieniądze! Naprawdę zależy nam na jakości roślin i ich opakowaniu. Część roślin importujemy z profesjonalnych holenderskich hodowli, a część uprawiamy sami. O jakość roślin w

För att Alternanthera reineckii lilacina」 skall få sin vackra mörkröda färg är det nödvändigt att den får mycket ljus. Denna växt, i likhet med de flesta andra ljuskrävande växter, trivs också betydligt bättre om man tillför CO 2 i akvariet. Om den inte får dessa

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Alternanthera rosanervig heeft rode/roze bladeren met licht gekleurde nerven wat de speciale kenmerken zijn voor deze plant. De plant heeft een compacte groei vorm en groeit minder snel als de andere Alternanthera soorten.

AR Mini Low Tech This blog post is an experiment on whether Alternanthera Reineckii Mini (AR Mini) can survive in a low tech (i.e. no CO2 supplementation) tank. The plant used is Tropica tissue culture as shown below: Tropica Alternanthera reineckii 『Mini』 Live

Alternanthera reineckii var 『roseafolia』 Alternanthera reineckii var. 『roseafolia』 is a very decorative 「red」 plant. Commonly know as Telanthera, of the Alternanthera sp. this one is an exemplary aquarium plant. Alternanthera reineckii has a bronze color on top of the leaf and the deep purple colored underside of the leaf.

Alternanthera reineckii is one of the few species that will grow submersed. This plant grows along the banks of rivers which periodically flood during the rainy season. Kasselmann describes five forms of this plant, of which Alternanthera reineckii

Alternanthera reineckii mini Le cosiddette Alternanthera reineckii o “foglie di pappagallo” sono piante a stelo dai colori vivaci. Vengono coltivate già da decenni e non hanno perso la loro popolarità. La varietà color “Bronzo” si riferisce alla colorazione

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Die wenig anspruchsvolle, knallig gefärbte Stängelpflanze Alternanthera reineckii 『rosaefolia』, das Rosablättrige Papageienblatt, kommt aus Südamerika. Die bis ca. 40 cm hoch werdende Pflanze ist perfekt für den Mittelgrund bis Hintergrund und verträgt

Alternanthera reineckii “mini” Potje 5 cm Deze miniatuurversie van de bekende Alternanthera wordt gekenmerkt door compacte groei en een tragere groeisnelheid. Het is bijzonder geschikt voor kleine aquaria of als voorgrond planten in grotere Aquascapes.

Alternanthera reineckii 『Mini』 es uan planta de acuario pequeña hasta de unos 10 cm de altura Ante la incertidubre, por prevención, no se aceptan pedidos de animales (peces, gambas, caracoles o cangrejos) temporalmente.Si se enviará el material y plantas de

Denna mini-version av den välkända Alternanthera kännetecknas av mycket mer kompakt tillväxt och en mer måttlig tillväxttakt. Den är särskilt lämplig för små akvarier. Genom noggrann tät plantering kan du till och med skapa en nära rödviolett matta ca 5

Die wenig anspruchsvolle, knallig gefärbte Stängelpflanze Alternanthera reineckii 『variegated』, das Mehrfarbige Papageienblatt, kommt aus Südamerika. Die bis ca. 40 cm hoch werdende Pflanze ist perfekt für den Mittelgrund bis Hintergrund und verträgt

Alternanthera reineckii 「Lilacina」 ist eine farbenprächtige Varietät der Papageienblätter. Sie eignet sich gut als Farbtupfer im Hintergrund bzw. Mittelgrund eines Aquariums und wird gerne als 「Straße」 in den Hollandaquarien genommen. Das lilafarbige Papageienblatt

Alternanthera Reineckii De Alternanthera Reineckii is een roodbladige stengelplant die in meerdere kleurschakelingen en bladvormen te verkrijgen is. Het bovenste deel van de bladeren varieert van olijfgroen tot bruin, de onderkant van de bladeren van roze tot rood.

There is a reason this is our #1 Best Selling plant. YOU WON’T FIND BETTER.- Period. We’ve grown this underwater for over a month. They have roots and are awesome. Don’t take my word for it, read the reviews! Alternanthera reineckii variegated also called

Alternanthera Reineckii Mini, Fully Red with Roots + Free, See Description, Live Aquarium Plants $15.98 $ 15. 98 $9.48 shipping Only 4 left in stock – order soon. Ages: 12 months and up SubstrateSource 『Telanthera Cardinalis』 Alternanthera reineckii Live 3.6 36

Alternanthera reineckii ‘Mini’ pasižymi kompaktišku augimu ir lėtesniu augimo tempu. Labai tinkama mažiems akvariumams, didesniuose gali būti auginama kaip pievelė. Karpant galima sukurti 5-10 cm aukščio, išskirtinio grožio ir spalvos pievelę.

This is a freshwater plant with a distinct coloration. This plant has a reddish brown top of its leaf, and a dark purple underneath. Althought this is an easy plant to maintain, with proper light and fertilization, this species will have more vibrant coloration. Mid-ground

Description Alternanthera Reineckii Mini Cette variété miniature d’Alternanthera se démarque par sa croissance compacte et modérée. Elle convient particulièrement bien aux petits aquariums. Si on la pince de manière régulière, on peut même obtenir un